Tele caller services

Tele calling is vital for every business. Brand promotion is incomplete without tele- marketing calls. In order to approach our prospective customers and generate their interest in our products and services it is essential to have a verbal conversation with them.

Digital marketing helps in lead generation. Our team works tactfully to attract prospective customers by way of different digital marketing platforms including social media handles, websites and web applications. Our user experience design and creative strategy is such that it instantly generates the readers’ interest. Many of them thus try to approach us via these mediums. We respond to them quickly to hit the right nail and convert the lead. However, we do not stop here. In order to ensure that our prospective customers look no further and opt for our brand, we move a step ahead. We call them up to engage them further..

SMS Marketing / Whatsapp Marketing

The basic approach towards SMS, Email and WhatsApp Marketing is to lead to the growth of your business, as the name suggest, through bulk SMS Marketing, bulk Whatsapp Marketing Bulk SMS is the most efficient and simple method and strategy to pull in the chosen targets or the mass audience with just a click of a button. This, in turn, makes the people join in a simultaneous process thus helping you promote and enlarge your business.

The benefit using Bulk SMS has its advantages in many ways. SMS is always personal and since it’s personal it goes straight to the recipient’s handset and delivery is done to their hands literally. It is also a two-way communication and replies will come back directly to the sender. Another significant feature is the sending and delivery of messages regardless of the location, it can be received from anywhere and everywhere. There is also the option to send out messages to individual or as a group. In the case of switched off cell phones, the messages do get delivered within forty-eight hours of switching it on.